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Dark Age of Camelot Patch Aims at Bug Fixes and Group Finder
Bug fixes and a group finder are coming in Dark Age of Camelot patch

Dark Age of Camelot Patch Aims at Bug Fixes

Dark Age of Camelot is a long-running MMORPG. Now, the game will be receiving a new patch that will address a few things in the game.

Patch 1.117 of Dark Age of Camelot will include a few things, but the biggest focus of the patch will be fixing bugs. In a Q&A on the game’s website, game developer Broadsword had this to say: “With the 1.117 patch we’ll be devoting a significant amount of time to fixing as many bugs and common complaints as possible…We think that focusing our development resources on bug fixing for an entire path cycle is something that hasn’t been done in a long time and is something that will make everyone’s game laying experience that much better! Now, this doesn’t mean we’ll squash every issue, but we’ll do our best to get the worst of them.”

Other things being touched on by Dark Age of Camelot’s patch 1.117 include the Casual Group Finder. The Group Finder, which will make it easier for players to find groups, was meant to be released in the 1.116 patch, but Broadsword felt that it was polished enough to release it. Also brought up was freeing up space in the quest journal, plans to update the patcher, and plans and changes for starter guilds. This includes official Broadsword player reps, scheduled raids of all sorts, and more.

Originally released in 2001, Dark Age of Camelot takes place in the time after King Arthur’s death when his kingdom is split into three different parts. Now, these three different regions are in constant war with each other. The three realms are: Albion, which is based off of Arthurian Legend, Hibernia, which is based off of Celtic folklore, and Midgard, which is based on Norse mythology. Each region has their own unique races and classes, though the classes can be broken down to four groups: tanks, spell casters, rogues, and healers.

Dark Age of Camelot is now available for PC.

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