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A new Asus ZenFone with dual cameras is set to debut at CES 2015
A new Asus ZenFone with dual cameras is set to debut at CES 2015

Asus ZenFone coming to CES 2015 with dual cameras

Asus is coming to CES 2015 in January and rumor has it that a new Asus ZenFone will be unveiled at the conference. We had heard that the company was prepping at least one ZenFone for the occasion, but now they have released a teaser video showing off an Asus ZenFone with dual cameras on the rear, similar to those we’ve seen on the HTC One M8. While we’re not sure what kind of dual camera functions the Asus ZenFone will boast with, we can assume they’re going to be awesome.

The teaser video shows the upcoming Asus ZenFone and its new camera setup and adds the “See what other can’t see” tagline to the batter. We can only assume that the the dual camera setup on the handset will be used to change focus on a photo you’ve already shot and boast similar background and foreground blurring and customizing like the Eye Experience offers on the HTC One M8. It seems focus in the smartphone market is revolving around camera performance so it’s natural that Asus wouldn’t stay behind with a smartphone line that doesn’t include a phone with a special camera. You can watch the teaser over at Asus’ Facebook page.

So far, rumors have it that we will be seeing at least two Asus ZenFone units at CES 2015, one of them being a phablet with a 5.5 inch display. While the phablet could be the one with the dual cameras, we can’t possibly be sure judging just from the teaser video. On the other hand, we’d be a little disappointed if the dual camera setup on the Asus ZenFone would be exactly like what we’ve seen on the One M8. That’s because while using the features coming with the setup is fun, the camera performance wasn’t as great as we would have liked it. At the same time, people were more fascinated by the design and performance of the One M8 than its camera, so we’re hoping the Asus ZenFone will be something nice to look at while offering great performance at the same time.

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