ArtCraft Studios Creating Mysterious New MMO

ArtCraft is a new studio comprised of veterans in the MMO genre. Recently, the studio has teased at a mysterious new project that they are working on with a new teaser site.

According to the teaser website that ArtCraft has put up, the studio wants to make games that take chances. The website states: “Where did we go wrong? There was a time when our industry took CHANCES…If you can’t win and you can’t lose, then, What’s the point of playing?…I want to play a GAME, against PLAYERS where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose.” The website speaks of the monotony of some MMOs, and how the gaming experience should not make you feel hollow, even if you lose. The website also features a timer, which has a little over 60 days as of the writing of this article. The website also allows players to sign up for the beta of the project. It is interesting to note that the bottom of the page is lined with what looks to be crests that would adorn flags.

Industry veterans J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton have come together to form a new studio: ArtCraft. Both of these developers have worked on a number of MMO titles, including Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Wizard101. Coleman states: “We’re building something completely different, completely unique. We believe the MMO industry has grown stale. It’s time to create something new.” According to Coleman, the ArtCraft team will be made of “all-stars.” Walton states that the team’s mission is to “create must-play experiences that redefine existing genres.” They wish to both challenge and delight players.

Whatever ArtCraft has in store for gamers will likely be revealed when the timer on the website counts down completely. You can check out the website here.