Realm Zero Goes Into Alpha Testing

Realm Zero is an upcoming MMORPG from an indie developer by the same name. Now, the game has entered a new test phase as its development continues.

A sandbox title, Realm Zero has just entered its second phase of alpha testing. Along with the announcement, a video showing the game’s current state was also released, which can be seen below. The game promises to have an evolving world that is constantly changing, and that is shaped by player interaction. Players should be able to affect the surrounding elements, which will include monster spawns, resource nodes, territory zones, and player housing. Players will have complete control of their character, as any changes they make on their character are not permanent. Players are able to mix and match skills over time to fit their play style.

Breaking away from traditional MMORPG gameplay, Realm Zero’s combat system seems to be FPS inspired. From what was shown in the alpha phase video, combat will be quicker than that of other games in the genre. Of course, this is a very early build, so time will tell. The skill system in Realm Zero does seem to offer different styles of gameplay, as there are a number of skills to choose from. The skills allow players to be sneaky or be healers, and equip different types of weapons. Players will be able to claim land in Realm Zero, on which they can build their own house. When players claim a piece of land, they can choose to make it public or private. If it is private, other players can still come onto the land, but they will be marked as aggressors and can be attacked without consequence. Once a player has become established on their land, they can then build structures on that land.

Realm Zero will be available on PC. There is no release date or window for the game as of yet. Gamers can check out the game’s website here.