Samsung memory module with 4 GB RAM to be ready early next year

A new Samsung memory module, which would bring 4 GB RAM to high-end smartphones launching in 2015, is already in production according to the company. The upcoming year is already packed with rumored smartphone launches sporting powerful CPUs like the Snapdragon 805 and 810 and with Samsung’s new memory module, we could see powerhouses being launched with massive performance improvements.

The new Samsung memory module is a low power double data rate 4 8 Gigabit DRAM memory based in its 20 nm process. Samsung said that the DRAM would be ready by Spring 2015, although we find it unlikely that upcoming flagships like the LG G3, Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 would make use of it. That’s because even though the module should be ready for mass production early next year, the manufacturing process for these flagships has already begun and it would be nearly impossible to change the configurations so that the new memory module could be integrated in them.

The Samsung memory module is designed and made with 64 bit smartphones in mind, which will be the devices of the future. Samsung is not the only one working towards this goal, as the Snapdragon 810 CPU is already being mass-produced and introduced into the flagship builds mentioned earlier. The Snapdragon 810 is a 64 bit chipset which should go perfectly with Google’s brand new Android 5.0 Lollipop mobile operating system. Even though the Samsung memory module might not be ready in time to be built into these smartphones of the future, it certainly is a stepping stone towards a 64 bit smartphone.

According to the company announcement, the Samsung memory module would be more power efficient than previous ones. The company is designing the module for big-screen phablets saying that it would be “the lowest power memory solution available for large-screen smartphones and tablets”. By large-screen, the company doesn’t just mean HD phablets, but UHD ones, corroborating its previous declarations of implementing 4K displays in smartphones in the near future. The Samsung memory module has already received the Honoree of the 2015 CES Innovation Awards in the Embedded Technologies category, marking the third consecutive year the company has been granted the award.

The new Samsung memory module proposes an interesting notion regarding future smartphone and tablet releases, since the DRAM allows for UHD video playback and recording, as well as continuous shooting of images over 20 MP. With that in mind, we might be seeing some new phones popping up from the company next year, with improved camera setups as well as high resolution displays.