All Destiny players will receive a free Legendary item this week

Destiny players are set to receive a special gift from developer Bungie later this week. The promised Christmas present maybe? It would appear so, as Community Manager “DeeJ” did state back in December that holiday gifts will only make their way to the players in January. Though it kind of defeats the whole purpose of a “holiday gift”, a free in-game item is always appreciated. But what it is? We don’t know for certain, although Bungie confirmed that it’s a “small, but Legendary token of gratitude” and that it will arrive within the week. The developer also says that it will let Destiny players know when the present is available to pick up from the Postmaster.

Shortly after the initial announcement, Bungie went on to give a little hint regarding the identity of this mysterious item. “Lots of Qs about the holiday gift. No Bjallarhorns. No need to decrypt, either, though we’re sure some gifts will be swiftly dismantled,” the company said on Twitter. This tweet raises more questions and provides very few answers for Destiny players, however, it does hint that the present won’t be an Engram. Meanwhile, users on the Destiny subreddit are having a heated debate about this, with various speculations being thrown around.

One user believes the present will come in the form of a Ghost Shell “because it’s small”, just like Bungie said it will be. Another user thinks it’s something completely different, namely the Legendary Sparrow EV-32 Snowblind, which was added to Destiny last year during the Halloween update. On the other hand, it could just be something a little less fancy like a new weapon or piece of armor. Since there’s no way of knowing for sure at this time, we’ll just have to wait until Bungie finally decides to reveal the mystery gift.