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Evolve has completed develpoment
Evolve is ready for printing, and has its opening cinematic released as well

Evolve Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic Released

Evolve is the upcoming shooter featuring asymmetrical multiplayer from developer Turtle Rock Studios. The developer has now announced that the game has gone gold, and has released the game’s opening cinematic as well.

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that their upcoming title Evolve is ready for manufacturing. To help celebrate, publisher 2K Games has released the game’s opening cinematic, which can be seen below. Turtle Rock also fulfilled a promise that they made for the completion of the game. Members of the team promised that they would not cut their hair until the game was completed. The men did not shave, and the women let their hair grow long. The studio pledged $50 for every inch of hair that had grown. The team ended up with 227.5 inches, which totaled to $11,375. 2K then matched the donation, allowing the studio to give $22,750 to Child’s Play.

An asymmetrical cooperative shooter, Evolve pits four players who take the role as hunters who have to take down a giant player-controlled monster. The game will run off of the CryEngine gaming engine. The game will feature a number of maps, and various modes. These modes include: Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend, and Evacuation. Hunt tasks the players with eliminating the monster. In Nest, six monster eggs are placed on a map, with the hunters trying to destroy them, and the monster defending them. Rescue places colonists on the map who must be saved by the hunters, or killed by the monster. Defend sees the hunters defending a ship that the monster must destroy. Evacuation is a sort of story mode for Evolve. The mode consists of five rounds made from the game’s other modes, ending with a Defend round.

Evolve will release on February 10th. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. An open beta for the game will launch on January 15th for the Xbox One.

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