Heroes of the Storm brings new skins, mounts, and warchief Thrall

Heroes of the Storm will enter its beta phase next week and Blizzard just revealed a few of the new additions we can expect to see once it does. The company says that we can look forward to several news skins, a couple of new mounts, and a new hero in the form of warchief Thrall. Okay, so technically Vol’jin in warchief now, but Thrall will always remain warchief in our hearts and minds. In any case, let’s start off with the new Heroes of the Storm mounts. We have two of them, namely the Lunar Tiger Mount and the Magic Carpet Mount. The two are pretty self-explanatory to be honest, so let’s move on to skins.

Blizzard is offering new skins for a number of heroes, but the Luxorian Monkey for Brightwing seems to be the most interesting one if you ask me. Ever wanted a flying monkey? Equip this skin on Brightwing and that’s exactly what you’ll have. Aside from that, we also have an Elder skin for Chen, the Crypt King skin for Tassadar, the Dessert Queen skin for Zagara, and the Festival skin for LiLi. In addition, we also have the Master and Hellhammer skins for Thrall, the latest addition to Heroes of the Storm.

You can find more details regarding these items on Battle.net. Also, make sure you check out the video below in which they’re being showcased. Heroes of the Storm will enter the Closed Beta phase next Tuesday, January 13th.