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Leaked photos of the alleged Xiaomi Mi5 show a device with virtually no bezels on the sides

Leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photos reveal bezel-less design, better than the Aquos Crystal

We’ve all seen the Sharp Aquos Crystal and its bezel-less design, which was reintroduced with the Sharp Aquos Crystal X sporting even better specs. Although that phone is pretty affordable and high-end, we could be looking at a new Xiaomi Mi5 with a bezel-less design in a series of leaked photos published on a dubious Twitter account, and while we aren’t saying that the device in the photos is real, we would love it if the Xiaomi Mi5 came out of the box like this.


The leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photos show off a design similar to that of the Aquos Crystal, but greatly improved in our minds. You’ve surely noticed that the front facing camera on the Sharp Aquos Crystal is placed on the bottom of the front bezel, so as to keep the sleek design on the handset. Xiaomi seems to have solved that dilemma in a different way. The bezels on the top and bottom of the Xiaomi Mi5 have been slimmed down quite a bit, but not top much, so as they can accommodate the front-facing camera.

Even though that doesn’t seem like much of an improvement, what we are more impressed about is the way the sides of the Xiaomi Mi5 look like in the photos: practically bezel-free. Before we get too excited, we need to mention that we’ve never heard about the Twitter account that has leaked the photos and the account didn’t seem to have any followers before these alleged Mi5¬†photos were published. The account seems to have been created just to leak these photos and generate some hype around itself. That being said, we would take this information and the photos with a grain of salt. They seem to be more like renders rather than actual photographs of an actual device, which only adds to our suspicion.

The suspicious leaker points out that Xiaomi Mi5 specs should include a 6 inch 1080p display, powered by a Snapdragon 805 CPU backed by a whopping 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. We are wondering why someone would put so much RAM into a generic device, seeing as the Snapdragon 810 is the first to support that much RAM at the moment. In any case, we would love it if the Xiaomi Mi5 lookd as good upon launch as it does in the renders leaked by the mysterious Twitter account, but it is highly unlikely. Nonetheless, we can always hope.

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