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The Xiaomi Mi5 release date is largely confirmed for January 15

Xiaomi Mi5 release date, metal frame, QHD display confirmed

A fresh new batch of leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photos revealed that we could be looking at a full-metal phone with a QHD display, to be launched sometime in Spring. The new leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photos come from Nowhereelse.fr, a pretty reliable source when it comes to mobile devices. The metal frame of the Chinese smartphone can be seen in the photos, and the leak may debunk our previous render images that suggest a bezel-less design on a 6 inch Xiaomi Mi5.

From the leaked Xiaomi Mi5 photos, we can judge the dimensions of the upcoming phone from the Apple of China: 71.4 * 140.890 * 5.1 mm. That makes the next flagship one of the thinnest phones one the market, to rival with the likes of the Gionee Elife S5.1, and while it won’t be the thinnest phone ever made, it will be right up there next to the Oppo R5 and Vivo X5 Max. The difference in thickness between these phones is minimal, but even the smallest improvement in design may boost the Xiaomi Mi5 to the top.

Besides unveiling the sturdy metal frame, the notorious leaker also pinpointed the upcoming display for the handset, saying that it will be between 5.2 and 5.7 inches big with a massive QHD resolution of 2560*1440. The Xiaomi Mi5 release date has also been revealed, and we’re looking forward to the flagship being launched on January 15. Since we are talking about a flagship here, we should expect the best from hardware, so we suppose that the handset will either come with a Snapdragon 805 CPU backed by 3 GB RAM or with a Snapdragon 810 backed by 4 GB RAM. The Xiaomi Mi5 camera should also receive an upgrade, with either a 16 MP or 20.7 MP shooter on the rear and a massive 8 MP sensor on the front. Even though a Xiaomi Mi5 hands-on is far from being real, we do expect at least some videos to surface in the following few days showing the fully functional device, supposedly equipped with a new MIUI.

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