Best 7 free Android games 2015

Even though we have barely arrived in the new year, there have already been Android game releases in 2015, paid and free ones alike. Since we’re still just two weeks into the new year, we’ve thought that you might be delighted to start off your resolutions with the best 7 free Android games 2015. My resolution was to not game that much and be more productive, but these best 7 free Android games 2015 just can’t be passed up. Maybe just 15 minutes of gaming a day will suffice.


This cute little game had to be on the best 7 free Android games 2015 list because it is insanely simple, yet massively entertaining. When it comes to free Android games, it’s hard to find the new releases of 2015 that are fun and worthy of your time. Nuts! is one of those games. You’re a squirrel, which sometimes acts like a skyrocket, and needs to collect nuts to make it through the winter. The game’s graphics are great and controls are easy. This free Android game of 2015 is basically a running/jumping/climbing game, which turns your experiences upside down as you try running up trees and collecting as many nuts and boosts as you can. Fun and addictive, definitely one of the best 7 free Android games 2015.

Mucho Party

There are few free multiplayer Android games out there that warrant our attention, but Mucho Party is definitely one of them and qualifies as one of the best 7 Android games 2015. This game is essential a multiplayer board game, so to speak, in which you or two of you can play 30 different games that are really fun. It’s perfect for tablet use, since a phone might be small for two hands. It’s completely free and promises a lot of fun for all family members. This game made it to our best 7 free Android games 2015 list because there are quite a few games you can choose from, each entertaining, funny and addictive. It’s also a fun game to play on commutes for those of you who take long train-rides to work. It can act as a great community builder for colleagues taking the same routes to work.


Ruzzle Adventure

Games on Android don’t always have to be symbols of procrastination and free word games prove it. Ruzzle Adventure is one of the most fun word games out there, warranting itself a spot on the best 7 free Android games 2015 list. The game is essentially a mix between various gaming types, ranging from Scramble to Angry Birds and Scrabble. You can play with friends, which is the most fun part of this free Android game and being a new release, you can discover new worlds, new types of playing and naturally, new words you might have never heard. It’s a fairly simple game and your brain won’t break trying to find the words one of the best 7 free Android games 2015 gives you.

Looney Tunes Dash

If you’re one of those nostalgic for the 90s, like me, Looney Tunes Dash is the game for you. Even though the game from Zynga doesn’t bring much novelty to the field, it still deserves a spot on our best 7 free Android games 2015 list because of the nostalgia. Retro games have been all the rage lately, but if you want a free Android game that brings back the 90s without the graphics to accompany them, you can enjoy the 3D Looney Tunes Dash game with IAPs. Zynga has gotten better with IAPs and offers bonus content for cash rather than require cash to unlock levels. This game is just the basic running game, with the added benefit of Looney Tunes characters like Bugsie, Tweety, Taz, Putty Tat and more. Definitely worthy of a spot on our best 7 free Android games list.

Crossy Road

How did the chicken cross the road? Dying multiple times. Good thing you have a lot of chicken lives to waste in this free Android game. Crossy Road is is one of the most annoying, but fun games I’ve encountered in the past couple of days. You can be a chicken, or other Minecraft-lookalike character and try to cross roads and rivers without falling or splattering onto trucks or exploding in cars. It’s fun, addictive and actually pretty hard, which warrants this game a spot on the best 7 free Android games 2015 list. Beware, you will get annoyed.

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

This sci-fi FPS is one of the best free Android games on the Play Store and it definitely deserves a spot on our best 7 free Android games 2015 list because it has great graphics, immersive gameplay and quite the history. Gameloft is known for high-end mobile games, and N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition is definitely one of their best releases. The storyline is great, which is not that common with free Android games of high quality, and you get great multiplayer modes, weapons and powers. Definitely a must have and one of the best games on our best 7 free Android games 2015 list.

Gangstar Vegas

Yet another title from Gameloft, which has earned a spot on our best 7 free Android games 2015 list because it is strikingly similar to GTA in gameplay. If you like violent games, funny characters, satirical stories and maniacs, this is the game for you. The new open world action game is now set in Vegas and has a patriotic feel to it for Americans out there, taking satire to the next level. I don’t enjoy action games that much, but this deserves to be mentioned in a best 7 free Android games 2015 list because it’s got great graphics, fun gameplay and easy controls. Not to mention all the gore and violence. Beware, it will take up about 2 GB space on your mobile device.