Samsung dumping TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6?

Samsung in the Fall of 2014 disclosed that they are working on Project Zero, detailing the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be built from scratch with users’ feedback in mind. Since the Galaxy S5 was a flop with a horrid design nobody liked, but the reviews for the Galaxy Note 4 were average, the South Korean company possibly realized that a change was necessary. Thus, they announced that when the Galaxy S6 will hit the world at MWC 2015 most likely, it will come with a bang.

All is well so far, we are hoping to see a Galaxy S6 and an Edge variant of it with outrageous specs and great functionalities, but we were dreading one thing until now: TouchWiz. There aren’t many out there who like Samsung’s own user interface, and with good reason. TouchWiz is too colorful and cartoonish, and it is sluggish to say the least. LG’s Optimus or HTC’s Sense is much better when it comes to user experience and performance. It seems like Samsung realized that TouchWiz was not going to take.

We have found out that TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 will be radically simplified, the company promising a user experience extremely similar to what we can find on the Nexus 6. That makes us think about stock Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Samsung releasing the Galaxy S6 without any skin is highly unlikely. However, the company promised partners at CES 2015 that it would focus more on the core applications and features we can find in TouchWiz, leaving all the unnecessary bloat behind. From the Samsung announcement regarding TouchWiz and the upcoming flagship for 2015, we can imagine two scenarios.

One of the scenarios involves an extremely simplified TouchWiz UI which would be a huge sign of progress and would be well appreciated by fans of the company. If Samsung decides to work out the problems TouchWiz has and deliver a simple, flat and easy to use UI in the Galaxy S6, most of those who don’t like TouchWiz in its current form will be pleased, for sure. The second scenario involves Iconic UX, which was a rumored platform that the company was working on. If the latter would be implemented in the Galaxy S6 and would prove to be the most stock-like experience Samsung has to offer, close to what Motorola offers right now, fans would surely be ecstatic.

The build quality of Samsung phones was resolved beginning with the Galaxy Alpha, going through the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy A5, A3 and A7 and the upcoming Galaxy E5 and E7. Samsung realized that people are clamoring for premium phones and it delivered, for a price naturally. But the other big problem Galaxy fans had with flagships was TouchWiz and it seems like the cluttered UI might just receive an overhaul that will change our opinion, beginning with the Galaxy S6. Let’s hope for the best! Whichever scenario presented above occurs at MWC, the supposed release date of the Galaxy S6, we will be glad to see something different in the UI.