GTA 5 PC delayed after all, but at least Rockstar released screenshots

Well, I called it last week didn’t I? Rockstar Games announced earlier today that the master race will have to be patient because GTA 5 PC has been delayed until March 24th. This is already the second delay as the highly anticipated title was initially meant to come out last year before being pushed back until January 27th. Although the company was heard stating both times that rumors about the delay were false, it would appear that they were actually 100% accurate. Interestingly, a well known Youtuber who goes by the name of DomisLive mentioned a few days ago that the new release date for GTA 5 PC would be March 24th and it looks like his sources were spot on.

As for the reason behind the unfortunate delay, Rockstar claimed in a blog post that it was necessary in order to make the game up to par. Things such as “testing” and “polishing” were also mentioned. If I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly what they said back in September as well when GTA 5 PC was delayed the first time. Oh well, I guess we can wait a couple of more months, but I’m really starting to lose faith in the company here to be honest. In any case, at least Rockstar finally announced the minimum and recommended system requirements for GTA 5 PC and they’re actually not as crazy as I predicted, although you definitely need a very powerful machine to run on the game on the highest settings. You can view the system requirements here.

As a (very) small consolation prize, Rockstar also released some screenshots for GTA 5 PC. Not as good as launching the game on time, but it’s still something. Judging from the images, the PC version will certainly be more impressive from a visual standpoint than any of the other versions, but then again, that was to be expected.