Keyboard Comparison: Razer vs Corsair vs Roccat

When it comes to PC gaming, there are a lot of factors that go into a quality gaming experience. One of those factors would definitely have to be the keyboard used. Gamers need a keyboard that can keep up with them, a keyboard with precision and dependability. A bad keyboard can affect a gamer’s play session. This list will show off three keyboards, and hopefully help gamers choose one that is right for them.

The first keyboard is the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. The BlackWidow features adjustable backlit keys, and was built to be durable. The BlackWidow has been rated to last 60 million keystrokes. When compared to the original BlackWidow, Razer has added a USB hub and headset ports. To help with the performance of the BlackWidow, Razer has designed its own mechanical switches. Rather than using key switches from Cherry like most mechanical keyboards, Razer made its own, which they have called Razer Mechanical Switches. These switches mean faster keystrokes and shorter reaction times, and are quieter than the original BlackWidow. While some may not notice, the faster switches will make a difference to some hardcore players. Overall, the BlackWidow is a great keyboard, and while it may not suit some MMO players, other gamers should give it a chance.

Thee next keyboard is the Corsair Vengeance K70. Like the BlackWidow, the K70 also features adjustable backlit keys that make it easier to see the keys in low light. Unlike the BlackWidow, however, the K70 does feature a wrist rest, making it more comfortable. The keys most used in gaming, WASD and number 1-6, come with swappable keycaps, which feature a textured surface that make it easier to find the keys without having to look. The K70 features Cherry MX key switches, and is good for both gaming and typing. Overall, the K70 features premium construction and quick, responsive action. While the swappable keycaps are nice, the K70 does not feature extra macro keys, which may be a turn-off for some. Otherwise, this is a great, versatile keyboard that will fit most player’s needs.

The final keyboard is the Roccat Ryos MK Pro. This keyboard is the most customizable on the list, but it is also the most expensive. Roccat’s first mechanical keyboard, the Ryos uses Cherry MX switches, with different switch styles available. The Ryos has backlit keys, which are customizable. They can be set to illuminate specific keys for in-game controls, illuminate every key in a macro string, flash as a damage indicator, and light up left to right as a health gauge. The keyboard features eight macro buttons, with five on the left side of the keyboard and three under the spacebar. If that is not enough, macros can be tied to any letter on the keyboard. Simply use the shift key in-game, and the letter will switch over to a macro key. The Ryos is just as responsive and efficient as the other keyboards on this list, but the customization is what sets it apart. If the ability to customize your keyboard to this extent is worth the extra money, then the Ryos might be the choice for you.