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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s most popular gender

Bioware have revealed Dragon Age: Inquisition’s most popular gender. The graph was released on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s official twitter feed.

This comes shortly after a graph showing what kinds of dragons players killed in Ferelden and Orlais, which Bioware released a few days ago on twitter. Inquisitors have slain 2,602,377 dragons. Predictably enough the most commonly killed dragons are those in lower-level areas. The Hinterland’s Fereldan Frostback is the most killed dragon. It’s also the easiest.

Bioware’s gender breakdown graph reveals that 68% of the Inquisitor’s in Dragon Age: Inquisition are male, while 32% are female. Rounding those numbers out simplifies it to a 30/70 split between the genders.

The graph also reveals that more men play on consoles. The Xbox One shows the most male gamers, with 75% of Xbox One Inquisitors being male. The PS4 shows a very similar disparity, with approximately 74% of PS4 Inquisitor’s being male. The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Inquisitors have a larger percentage of female Inquisitors.

It goes without saying that these figures aren’t entirely reliable. Some women play as men, and some men play as women. It also doesn’t mention anomalies such as multiple characters, or characters that weren’t tracked by Bioware’s servers.

That being said, it’s an interesting breakdown. It also raises a few interesting questions and reveals a few trends. Based on these statistics, men are more likely to have access to – or to play on – a next gen console. In contrast, when women play it’s on an older console, or on a PC. Could this be a matter of men generally having more financial control over households? Does the privacy of the PC have an impact?

What are your thoughts? Does the larger presence of women gaming on PCs surprise you? Why do you think men are more likely to game on consoles? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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