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Would you like a curved Xperia Z4?

Xperia Z4 might come with a curved version

The Sony Xperia Z4 is supposed to be introduced to the public at MWC 2015 in March and everybody is hyping about what kind of hardware the phone will boast with. There are few out there who are confident that the handset will receive a much-needed design overhaul, but rumors and a recently released concept for the Xperia Z4 suggest that we might be in for a well-deserved surprise.

A concept design for the Sony Xperia Z4 reveals what a curved Xperia would look like if it were to align itself to recent trends seen on the Galaxy Note Edge and rumored Xiaomi Arch. We would like for Sony to provide a handset that stands out from the crowd (and from its own line-up for that matter) and the photos of the Xperia Curve would be a desirable outcome. There’s little official information about the Xperia Z4, most of which point towards an MWC 2015 release date and a device that largely follows the traditional design seen on Xperia handsets so far.

Our most trustworthy leak comes from within Sony, as a result of the Sony Entertainment hack. In some leaked emails, Sony officials discussing product placement for the Xperia Z4 mention that the new James Bond movie entitled Spectre will have the handset on display. Attached to the leaked email, some renders were found reportedly of the Xperia Z4, but the design on these renders wasn’t anything to write home about.

The new concept images depicting the so-called Xperia Z4 Curve are much more interesting than the Spectre-phone leaks. In the photos, we can see a device that resembles the Galaxy Note 4 with hanging edges on both sides. Many are disconcerted with the block-shaped, rigid design on Xperia flagships, so having a more rounded device would be a nice addition to the Sony portfolio. Even though these renders are not from Sony and don’t prove that the company is indeed working on a (limited edition, maybe?) curved Xperia Z4, they do provide some insight about what consumers would like to see at MWC this year.

Rumored specs for the Xperia Z4 and the curved variant include a 5.2 inch display with a QHD resolution, the 64 bit Snapdragon 810 CPU, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 3 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, 20.7 MP camera and JBL stereo speakers. These specs would warrant a pretty nice device and most Sony fans hope that even if a curved variant won’t be real, at least some design variations will be seen on the upcoming flagship. Many users and Android fans are saying that they would rather see the company launch some mid-range phones with waterproof capabilities rather than focusing on high-end phones which don’t seem to bring the revenue they should. In any case, the concept images are wonderful and we would be glad to see Sony borrow some of these elements in a future flagship. Alas, it is unlikely. Until MWC 2015, we can only speculate as to what the Xperia Z4 will end up looking like.

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