Apple Watch “prototypes” apparently available on eBay

Although the highly anticipated Apple Watch is still is development, at least one person was apparently able to buy one from eBay. Needless to say, the device is not actually available for purchase as it still hasn’t been released by Apple yet. But even so, the user in question somehow managed to acquire a so-called “prototype” of the smart watch for the nifty sum of $260. Quite a bargain considering that the real thing is expected to cost $350. Unfortunately, not only was this device an obvious fake, but it didn’t really look all that similar to the real thing in the first place.

First off, the Apple Watch comes equipped with a metallic wrist band, not a leather one like the eBay knock-off has. More importantly, the fake can be spotted a mile away thanks to the stickerĀ slapped on the display. That’s right, it’s just a regular watch with sticker that looks like the Apple Watch interface. I will give the buyer the benefit of the doubt and assume that he or she knew this was an obvious fake and just bought it for the lulz. Granted, paying $260 just so you can have a good laugh seems a bit unreasonable, unless your’re ridiculously rich that is. As for the seller of this Apple Watch doppleganger, Cult of Mac reports that he or she was able to obtain it from a cousin who works at Apple. Seems legit.

Anyway, in case you’re also interested in acquiring an Apple Watch it would be a good idea to first wait until Apple actually launches it just to be on the safe side. A release date for the smart watch has not been announced yet, but word on the street is that we can expect it to hit the shelves at some point during March. Stay tuned.