Star Wars: Battlefront At GDC?

After rumors of cancellation and years of shifting laterally through development limbo, Star Wars: Battlefront had been scheduled for release at some point in 2015 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. And with the Games Developer Conference coming up in March, many are reporting a possible reveal then. EA DICE has been in charge of the development of this title for a while, and after the disruption over at LucasArts and Disney, there was fear that the game was a gone for good. But they have reportedly opened their doors to DICE in order for them to replicate iconic weapons and props in the game as well as iconic locations from the film series.

While it would be logical to assume that this game will be used to partialy promote “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” what with Disney’s inclusion in the game’s development cycle and the relative proximity of their release dates, this title will be following the narrative of the original film trilogy. Originally the game had been in the hands of developer Free Radical Design, and it is usually their footage many gamers think of when they remember the title from so any E3s ago. But when ownership of the license changed hands to EA, the original was scrapped entirely so DICE could being from the beginning.

It will still be considered canon as far as the Battlefront titles go. This will be the third in the series, but it is unsure as to whether or not this will continue the storyline and maintain the fundamentals of the first two or if this will simply reboot the series as a whole. What we do know is Star Wars: Battlefront will have first-person shooter mechanics along with space combat, not unlike the Battlefield series of games. For more detailed information, those waiting for the fame will have to wait until the end of 2015 when it is scheduled for official release.