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Windows 10 replaces Windows Phone

Windows 10 across all platforms as Microsoft drops the Windows Phone name

There have been rumors and hints about Windows 10 permanently replacing Windows Phone for some time, but now we’re also finally starting to see some evidence as well. Interestingly, Microsoft themselves recently spilled the beans and they did right on their official website. If you look up either the Lumia 532 or the Lumia 532 Dual-SIM on the said website, you will see that the words “Windows 10 ready” appear in the descriptions of both devices, albeit this text only appears in the search bar for some reason. Still, it’s enough to tell us that Microsoft is already working on making some adjustments. It’s worth noting that the company did officially announce their new “One Windows” strategy a while ago, but this is the first time when we find evidence of the re-branding.

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Windows Phone will apparently be a thing of the past soon and it’s probably for the best since it wasn’t a good marketing choice to begin with. Most of the Lumia models now come with either Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, which certainly makes sense as these are also the latest versions currently found on desktop. However, Windows 8 on desktop was not exactly well received, with many users actually calling it one of the worst iterations of the operating system ever. Windows 10 on the other hand, is already being praised by testers and expected to become one of the best versions to date. If Windows 10 on desktop manages to gain a good reputation, and chances are it will, then many people will likely find the idea of having this exact same version on their mobile device as well.

The desktop and mobile versions will share more than the name though, as Windows 10 is expected to come with some interesting cross-platform features that will be available on all devices. We’ll be able to find a lot more details tomorrow during the Windows 10 Consumer Preview and we’ll make sure to share any new info with you as well. Stay tuned.

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