Need a new controller? Xiaomi just launched one for $16

Xiaomi is getting in on every market it can and a new mega-cheap controller is its best bet at the gaming market. The Chinese company unveiled the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro last week to quite a bit of hype, but it seems they want even more and want to draw in gamers to their brand with a Bluetooth controller. The controller isn’t too sophisticated, as you can imagine judging by the $16 equivalent price in China, but it does encompass all the features you would need, and looks good in the meantime.

The teaser promos for the Xiaomi controller were a bit dubious to say the least, since they advertised by saying “vibrate and feel good”, which made kinky minds think of anything but a game controller. Alas, yesterday was the launch date of the device and Xiaomi boasts with an ergonomic design as well as a Samsung-made material coating the shell of the device. The company claims that you will not discern between the quality of the Xiaomi controller and an original PlayStation 4 one, but we will have to put that to the test.

The shell itself is supposed to be scratch- and sunlight resistant, which suggests that Xiaomi really thought this through before launching an entirely new item in their portfolio. The design on the controller isn’t anything to write home about, but it does look like a smooth device with a great ergonomic design that should fit any gamer’s needs. Pressure-sensitive keys should help those who prefer racing games adjust their brakes and throttle accurately, without cursing at the TV screen.

One of the neat features about Xiaomi’s controller is that you can adjust the way in which the vibration motors react depending on what game your are playing. The gravity-sensors within are also mentionable, as they are made by Bosh according to the company. You get Bluetooth 3.0, naturally, as well as a massive battery. Xiaomi said at the launch event that the controller would be able to stay alive for a year in standby mode thanks to some innovative power management tech that has been used in the manufacturing process. The controller also comes with a timer that sends it into standby once it has been out of use for 5 minutes.