Samsung Galaxy S6 rumored not to feature IP67 certification

While a lot of smartphone manufacturers are scrambling to equip their latest offering with all sorts of new features, Samsung is apparently thinking that it should actually drop a few. A new report clams that the Korean tech giant will not be bothering with IP67 certifications for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship. The company is presumably trying to cut down a bit on the costs of manufacturing by doing this, which is understandable in a way. Last year’s model, the Samsung Galaxy S5 did feature the said certification, but the sales for the phone eventually ended up being less than satisfactory. Now, the full story here is that not all Samsung Galaxy S6 variants will lack IP67 certification, specifically, the feature will be exclusively reserved to the Active model of the flagship.

It’s worth noting that this is just a rumor for now so take it for what it is. That said, if this turns out to be true, it could spell very bad news as Samsung might end up cutting more than just one feature by the time their done. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be one of the most impressive flagships of 2015, but lacking an important feature such as IP67 certification could very well put it at a disadvantage in the long run. At least some of its competitors like the LG G4, HTC One M9, or Sony Xperia Z4 are expected to include this feature. In case you’re not familiar with it, IP67 certification on a device means that the said device is both dust and water resistant. Needless to say, this would have been a pretty useful feature to have on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Although not officially confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to make its first official appearance at the MWC. This year the event takes place between March 2-5 in Barcelona.