Fable Legends coming to Xbox One and PC with cross-platform features enabled by Windows 10

Fable Legends will launch on both the Xbox One and PC later this year, Microsoft announced during their recent Windows 10 Consumer Preview event. Although the event was mostly about the new operating system, it also featured a segment that was focused on gaming. During this segment the company stated that Fable Legends will feature cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC, a feature that was rumored for some time, but only became official yesterday. That said, this feature will only be available on Windows 10, so if you plan on getting the game on the PC you may want to make sure that you’ll have the latest version of the operating system installed on your machine.

Luckily, Microsoft said during the Consumer Preview event that Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to anyone who already owns Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The company didn’t announce a release date for the OS, but we can only assume that it will come out at some point before Fable Legends arrives. As for the game, we don’t have a release date for it either at this time and the only thing we know is that it will launch on the same day on both the PC and the Xbox One. “Today we announced that we are bringing Fable Legends to Windows 10 PCs, day-and-date with the Xbox One version in 2015. This means Fable fans running Windows 10 will be able to play against their fellow gamers on Xbox One,” reads a post on the Xbox Wire. “It’s the same game, in the same world, on the same map.”

What’s even more interesting is that Fable Legends will apparently be just the first of several “major game franchises from Microsoft Studio” coming to the PC in the future. What else can we expect to see on the PC? Halo 5? Some more Gears of War games? Microsoft says that it will be ready to share more details with us in the coming months.