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Super Mario World Has Been Beaten In 6 minutes On Console.

Youtuber and Twitch gamer SethBling has beaten Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in less than 6 minutes by exploiting a glitch known as the “Credits Warp” on an actual SNES console. SethBling is the first person to perform the glitch on a SNES console which was initially thought to be impossible until he himself pulled it off around the 6 minute mark of the video.

The “Credits Warp” glitch was discovered by Jeffw356, who currently holds the world record of beating the game with the glitch within 5 minutes on an SNES emulator. Jeffw356 discovered that you can manipulate the console’s memory in a very specific way so that you can actually write binary code into certain parts of the SNES’s RAM while playing the game. It’s essentially hot patching the game while playing it, and the glitch is done by moving certain items around in the level to very specific locations. SethBling explains that this is caused “By moving certain memory bits into the RAM, it executes the “Credits Warp” glitch as if the bits were actual code.”

The glitch allows the player to skip the entire game and causes the end credits to run in full. To perform the glitch the player has to use a very specific set of movements by manipulating certain pixels throughout one of the beginning stages of the game, Yoshi’s Island 2. Reciprocating the glitch itself is very technical and in a nutshell you have to carry a certain block and a “P” Switch at the same time, you have to allow certain animations to play on screen and others like Yoshi’s egg hatching to not be visible, you have to die at certain locations with an item in your inventory, and destroy red turtle shells after they take a bounce off the ground. Basically it’s something that no casual player would have ever expected possible as the systems memory becomes overrun by this “very complex glitch”.

SethBling is going to continue shaving precious seconds off his time and maybe one day he will even hold the world record as the fastest person to complete Super Mario World. It makes you wonder how many more games from this era have flaws like this.

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