The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask – Graphical Comparison Video

Youtuber MasterofHyrule has uploaded a side-by-side graphical comparison video of The upcoming 3DS remake Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D alongside the original Nintendo 64 version. The comparison video shows the game’s opening as well as a good bit of the intro, which follows Link through the loss of his horse Epona and down the rabbit hole after Skull Kid. The game looks to highlight all of the best features of what made Majora’s Mask such an amazing experience without losing any of the Nintendo 64 version’s charm. However, this isn’t the same game that you remember from your youth. Eiji Aonuma of Nintendo announced that this new rendition of Majora’s Mask will add several new features that will make the game feel like a newer and more modern adventure.

Some of the new features include an upgraded Bomber’s Notebook, touch screen item selection, new fishing areas, additional save points, and the game will also feature a new control scheme that will allow the player to control the camera through the newly added C-stick feature. This will allow for a level of immersion in the world of Terminia previously unavailable on the Nintendo 64 because the console’s controller only had one control stick that was used for movement and the Z and R buttons controlled the camera. Majora’s Mask has always been considered to be the darkest entry in the Legend of Zelda series because it deals with themes such as the transition from life to death, the loss one experiences after someone dies, and the transformation of physical form in the event of death. Longtime fans of the Zelda franchise will be excited that Majora’s Mask is finally receiving the same treatment that Ocarina of Time 3D saw.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D will release on February 13th at the same as the New 3DS XL in North America and Europe. Launching at the same time will be a collector’s edition that comes with a collectible Skull Kid figurine and a limited edition Majora’s Mask themed New 3DS XL.