Dragon’s Dogma Online Revealed as a Free to Play MMO

Dragon’s Dogma Online has been revealed by Japanese game magazine Famitsu. Thanks to a translation by NeoGAF member, Duckroll, we know some of the game’s basic features as well as the fact that it will be a free to play MMO. Platforms for release include PC, PS4 and PS3. Dragon’s Dogma online will be a fully open world, with players encouraged to form up into parties of 4 to engage in quests. Raid like events will require parties of up to 8, and a quick-match system will be implemented to help players find groups more easily. These are probably not the dragons you’re looking for.

Confirmed details include:

  • General gameplay similar to the original Dragon’s Dogma
  • An all new world, setting and story
  • A multiplayer lobby where up to 100 players can chat and recruit party members
  • A bigger world that will be expanded thanks to regular updates.
  • A new job system that includes fighters, hunters, priests, shield sages and more
    enhanced character creation

Rather curiously, a Capcom representative told Eurogamer that there are no plans to release Dragon’s Dogma Online in the west. An odd turn of events considering that the first Dragon’s Dogma game was very much a Japanese take on western fantasy, and while it wasn’t a breakout hit, it maintains a decent sized following. It could very well be that Capcom is simply waiting for a more opportune time to announce a Western release (such as E3). Deep Down, another Capcom project, was first announced at the PS4 reveal event nearly two years go. It’s never been confirmed for a western release, but the prevailing belief is that it will make its way out of Japan at some point. On the face of it, Dragon’s Dogma online appears to be an even bigger gamble, so it makes sense that Capcom would want as big an audience as possible.

The original Dragon’s Dogma launched in 2012, and was directed by Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno, famous for his work on the majority of the Devil May Cry games. It was an open world action adventure RPG that took notes from Western mythology, and spiced things up with a combat system heavily influenced by Itsuno’s previous work on Devil May Cry.