Apple Watch release date delayed to April

The Apple Watch was supposed to be launched in March 2015, but it seems that won’t be the case, as Tim Cook disclosed that the official Apple Watch release date is now delayed to April. Even though the Apple CEO said that March would have been the “on schedule” release date for the timepiece in September 2014, when the company first introduced the Apple Watch, now it seems April is the “on schedule” date.

The Apple Watch is the first wearable from Tim Cook and co. and it seems the company is working on making its device as high-end as possible. In the keynote in September, Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch would be nothing you’ve ever seen before. Later on, he said that once somebody tries the Apple Watch, they wouldn’t be able to realize how they could have lived without it until then. While that sounds a big arrogant, in my mind, it certainly means that Apple has a lot planned for the Apple Watch.

From what Apple disclosed at the September unveiling event, we found out that the Apple Watch would be available in two different sizes and with various finishes. The cheapest one with an aluminum finish will cost around $350, but other models like the rose gold one will go up to $1000 cash. We don’t know why the Apple Watch release date is delayed to April 2015, but that means that the subsequent iOS 8.2 update will also be delayed, as it should bring Apple Watch compatibility to various devices.

According to Tim Cook, Apple Watch development is blooming and there is an impressive number of app developers already working on native applications for the timepiece. The Cupertino-based company seems to have encountered some battery life issues with the Apple Watch according to various reports. Tim Cook originally said that you will be able to get a day’s use out of the device, but things seem to have changed since then. Rumors say that the Apple Watch won’t be able to keep up with you for a full day, which would be a negative trait of the timepiece, for sure. We hope all issues regarding battery life will be resolved by the time the April release date comes around.