Boys’ Love Visual Novel “No, Thank You!!!” Available for Preorder!

On January 30, Mangagamer announced that their English localization of Pa-Rade’s Boys’ Love game No, Thank you!!! will be available for preorder! No, Thank You!!! is the first game developed by Japanese developer Pa-Rade. The company’s staff is mostly comprised of former members of another Visual Novel distributor, ClockUp, known for their 18+ Visual Novels. The art is penned by industry veteran Shigeo Hamashima, known for his original work with doujin (fan-comics) circle “Kokusangyuu Hormone” and “Tsukuru no Mori”. This game is also the staff’s first attempt to make a Boys’ Love experience.

The story of No, Thank You!!! centers around the sexy adventures of the amnesiac Haru, who loses his memory after rescuing a bystander from an out-of-control car. Upon being rescued, the man offers him a job at his jazz club, which is also a front for a detective organization that assists the police with crimes they can’t usually solve by themselves. As an apprentice bartender at the club, Haru gets mixed up with the goings-on of the organization, but as he learns more, he also starts to uncover his own mysterious past.  No, Thank You!!! boasts several detachments from previous Boys’ Love Visual Novels, such as body hair settings, masculine ‘bear’-type characters, and background voices.

No, Thank You!! is slated for release on February 27, 2015 for $39.95. If you preorder the game, you will receive a 10% discount, paying only $35.95 for the full game. There is no physical copy, and is only available for download. A demo is available for free on, and for more information, you can visit the developer’s official web site or read Mangagamer’s official blog. No, Thank You!!! is also designed for those over the age of 18, so it should not be bought or perused by minors.

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