Chivalry Medieval Warfare arrives on PlayStation 3

It’s been a bloody siege for the guys at Torn Banner who took almost three years from their original release date to finally conquer PlayStation 3 and release their game on the console. The studio has announced, through twitter, that Chivalry Medieval Warfare will be available on PlayStation 3 from February 10th 2015. The game landed on PC on the October 26th 2012 and was made available for Xbox users more than two years later, on december 3rd 2014.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare was originally a mod known as Age of Chivalry. A total conversion of Half-Life 2, Age of Chivalry allowed players to join one of the two factions fighting to rule the fictional kingdom that was the game’s setting and literally bash their way to victory in a series of object-based maps. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is the sequel to this mod and allows players to jump back into action by joining either the Agathian Knights or the Mason Order. Chivalry Medieval Warfare features various game mode including the well famous capture the flag, free for all, team death-match and Team objective, the latter including a variety of objectives teams have to accomplish in order to win the game.

Torn Banner studios’ developers have been paying a great deal of attention to details as well. The game features 4 main classes: archers, men-at-arms, vanguards and knights, all wielding weapons which are based on actual medieval weaponry. Classes and weapons highly impact the way each player approaches the battlefield. It is possible, and frankly beautiful, to be picked from afar by an archer while trying to run up a hill to the besieged castle or rush toward a group of enemies in a shiny suit of armor while wielding a heavy broadsword. The game was well received upon release and Torn Banner has worked on several free DLC packs to modify and improve the gaming experience. PlayStation 3 users will be able to play Chivalry Medieval Warfare in a few days and join the fight for the crown of the kingdom of Agatha.