Shiftlings Coming To PS4

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most successful video games consoles of all time. That success could not have been achieved without the console’s exciting library of indie titles. Now, another indie title has been announced for the PS4. Shiftlings is an exciting physics-based puzzle platformer that focuses on size. “Size Matters” in more ways that one in this title.

Green Goop and Purple Plop are janitors for WePlanet that are permanently connected to each other with a cord. The must find their way across levels that feature deadly traps, murderous robots and more without getting F.I.R.E.D. (Flattened, Ignited, Robo-murderized, Electrocuted and/or Dismembered). Players will have to exploit the size of their characters. One will be large and the other small, however that can be changed at will. Pull, push, swing and bounce your way to greater heights. Our tiny and not-so-tiny protagonists are the stars of their very own reality TV show. They just don’t know about it. Zookod Neutrino is the reality show’s host and the game’s narrator.

The idea for Shiftlings was created during a Gam Jam in Norway. In five short days the team had to create a prototype on the topic of “Size Matters.” The team didn’t have a lot of time, so they focused on getting the game design and core mechanics in place. However that doesn’t mean that the plot is just filler. Shiftlings isn’t just about solving random puzzles absent-mindedly. Players will be doing it for a reason. The same can be said about the game’s narrator. Zookod won’t just be there to entertain players. He will play a far more important role.

“Zookod also acts as a link between the different worlds, transitioning you from one planet to another, offering some background information and other tidbits about the places you’ll be playing in. He even drops a few hints here and there that there’s some bigger purpose to the work you (and the Shiftlings) are doing through each level… but, hey, SPOILERS!” – excerpt from the PlayStation Blog post

Players won’t have to wait long to experience the misadventures of Green Goop and Purple Plop. Shiftlings will be arriving on the PlayStation Store this March.