Swatch was working on a smart watch before Apple

Swatch has announced that the company will be releasing its own smart watch in the next 2 to 3 months. Swatch talked to Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC and said that they are already working on a smart watch and it should be ready for release in late Spring 2015. Company CEO Nick Hayek didn’t talk about what kind of smart watch Swatch will be making, what platform it will run on or how the design will look like, but he did say something about Apple.

According to Nick Hayek, Swatch CEO, the company had already been in the smart watch market for a long time, but they chose not to unveil any details about what kind of product they are working. The remark came as a response to a question asked by CNBC reporters about the Apple Watch, most likely if the company thinks their own smart watch will be able to take on Apple’s offering. Apple wants to make the Apple Watch a smart jewelry item, more than a watch, since they are making it available in gold variants.

Swatch didn’t name Apple as the one they’re ahead of, but they sure inferred it. As it seems, watchmakers like Swatch aren’t really glad about the smart watch market getting bigger, but they seem to have no other choice than to join in with high-quality watches. Swatch will be launching their own smart watch soon enough and suffice it to say that it’s going to be way better than what we have on the market at the moment. Hayek did mention that the watch will be compatible with Windows and Android devices, will have its own mobile payment system and it will “communicate via the internet without having to be charged” – although we don’t know what Swatch CEO Hayek meant by that.

Hayek didn’t criticize any company making wearable devices, but the short answers as well as a lot of confidence in Swatch and the upcoming timepiece point towards the fact that the company has a lot more history when it comes to timepiece and we’re sure they’ll come out with something not even remotely similar to the Moto 360, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S. Since Swatch is probably one of the best watchmakers in the world with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in prestige watches, we’ve no doubt of the impression the new smart watch will make.