Nvidia working on another Shield Tablet

The Nvidia Shield Tablet has a lot of fans around the world because the slate comes with serious specs, a great chassis, speakers and it is the perfect tablet for gaming, since it was made specifically for mobile gamers. It seems Nvidia has also seen the potential of their tablet and as the market for slates rose a bit at the end of last year, with more interest from people in larger displays, Nvidia thought that it would be best if a successor to the Nvidia Shield Tablet would be made.

The company hasn’t confirmed if the rumors about an upcoming Shield Tablet are true, but sources say that we will be in for a surprise come March. The Mobile World Congress might be the ideal place for a new Shield Tablet, but we can’t know for sure when or even if the slate is truly going to make an appearance. Nvidia did mention that they would be outing new gadgets in the Spring of 2015 when they launched the Tegra X1 processor to positive reviews.

With that in mind, we can speculate that a new Nvidia Shield Tablet will surely come with the new Tegra X1 processor, 4 GB RAM and LTE. Rumors say that Nvidia might be looking at 4K displays for the tablet, but that would impact valuable battery life a lot, so we don’t think it would be wise of the company to go overboard. What we did learn and find it a pretty likely development is that thew second generation Nvidia Shield Tablet will sport the same 8 inch display.

Since the Nvidia Shield Tablet aims to be compact and easy to use for gaming and other entertainment as well, it would be logical for the company to choose the same format for the next slate. At the same time, front facing speakers should also make an appearance, but the bland design of the tablet should become a bit more interesting, maybe with thinner bezels and a more ergonomic body, like on the Dell Venue 8, the latest tablet from Dell. We’re looking forward to finding out more about the alleged Nvidia Shield Tablet successor and we’ll keep you up to date once we do.