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Hunting Ground Announced For Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos developer, Switchblade Monkeys, has announced the first major content drop for the top-down title. The Hunting Ground is an update that will include some fixes, free content and paid add-ons. The game has been criticized for not providing new players with enough support. As a result, the developer will introduce an in-game tutorial and make the practice mode more visible as part of this update.

The update includes two new maps and a custom exclusive unlockable skin. This content will be available free of charge. The first map, Plaza, will allow players to take the battle inside or fight outside in this “classic, battle-torn Spaghetti Western Mexican-style plaza.” The second one, Mines is a radical departure from the experience of previous Secret Ponchos levels. It combines narrow tunnels and an open area to create countless tactical opportunities.

“With The Hunting Ground update we aimed to make sure we provide content for everyone: those who want to support us in expanding the game by purchasing some DLC, and our players who just love Secret Ponchos and want free new content.” – an excerpt from the PlayStation Blog post

The new DLC content for Secret Ponchos will include two new outlaw characters. The vile and vicious bandit Gordo brings a Gatling gun and Molotov cocktail to the battle. The powerful Gatling allows him to destroy enemies from a distance, while the Molotov allows him to block off part of the map or leave a “trail of fire”. The Wolf is an archer that was “rumoured to prowl near the town of Lonetree.” She’s able to deliver critical shots or pounce on unsuspecting enemies for the kill with a bone knife. Both characters will be available as part of the DLC “The Hunting Ground”: Gordo & The Wolf on February 18, 2015.

Secret Ponchos is a top-down multiplayer shooter that allows players to experience some of the epic gunfights from the Wild West. Bandits and outlaws are fighting over the town of Lonetree. Players can play as one of five outlaws in multiplayer matches. Each character has different dual-function weapons, secondary items and feel to them. Secret Ponchos is out now on PC and PS4.

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