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Dying Light Mods

Dying Light Mods: a set of tools will be released

After the latest patch, it seemed that Dying Lights mods were being restricted on purpose by Techland. Patch 1.2.1 was designed to decrease the chances for cheaters to remain undetected but seemed to reduce the ability to create custom content for the game. As an open-world title, the community and fans of Dying Light clearly didn’t take the news well. Today Michał Napora, community manager at Techland broke out the news announcing that he would like to see more Dying Light mods and that the development team is working on a set of modding tools to be soon released to the general public.

Allowing players to create Dying Light mods will be focal for the success of the game according to Napora, who also said the team would like to receive feedback and suggestions about what kind of mods players would like to see for the game. Soon players will be able to create their own version of zombie outbreaks as well as new weapons and special attacks but Techland is waiting for more suggestions as the modding tools get their last layer of paint before being delivered to the players. Napora also expressed how enthusiastic he is with some of the Dying Lights mods already out there.

Techland is also planning to actively support modders and not only give them the ability to create new content. The company knows how important the modding community will be and how Dying Light mods will extend the longevity of the title. As they expect nicer and nicer mods to be released on the internet, Techland has opened a special section on their forum where people can chime in and send suggestions and ideas as well as previews for their work. The company has shown their ability to respond to the anti-consumer criticism and players hope that the best Dying Light mods will be included in the game. Among the most requested features in this upcoming modding tools pack is a map editor, which would allow people to shape the game world as they see fit and create new levels and adventures within the game.

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