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FlatFrog launches 8K UHD touchscreen, 100 inches in size

Did you think 4K was neat? Well, FlatFrog says no! FlatFrog, a company who patented the InGlass touchscreen technology and is in the business of high quality touchscreen manufacturing, announced their newest endeavor in the display market: the 8K UHD multi-touch touchscreen, which measures no less than 100 inches in size and occupies an entire wall. Now that would definitely replace my TV, how about you?

Today is the day FlatFrog announced their new massive touchscreen which comes with extremely high resolution and it is intended for enterprise, as well as gaming and entertainment industries. The display is actually bezel-less, and the 100 inch touchscreen looks like something out of a sci-fi series like Stargate SG-1. According to FlatFrog, the UHD touch display cannot be matched, as it can be used as a large interactive display, as a curved display or as a video wall tile matrix. Their patented InGlass technology allows for multiple tiled LCD displays with a single touch module, which makes the device in itself lightweight, thin and bezelless.

The new display can be customized to match customer needs, which means that FlagFrog will create a display between 15 and 110 inches, either flat or curved, depending on what you want to use it for. As technology is advancing and people are gravitating towards higher resolution displays on all their gadgets, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, monitors, advertisement panels and so on, FlatFrog’s new offering is an incredible 8K display that sets the tone for future display development. FlatFrog doesn’t make displays for all the well-known manufacturing companies yet, but their new 8K UHD display might just draw in some attention.

FlatFrog will be demonstrating the 8K UHD display at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam this year, ISE stands for Integrated Systems Europe, and it is one of the biggest European technology tradeshows. The show will be taking place between February 10 and 15, so we’re excited to see how FlatFrog implements their new 8K display in consumer technology as well as enterprise solutions.

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