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Tropico 5 will be released on PlayStation 4

“Presidente, your people need you!” . Tropico 5 brought us back into the shoes of El Presidente back in may 2014, when it was originally published on Xbox 360 and PC/Mac but left PlayStation users out of the fun, as the game was never released on any of Sony’s consoles. PlayStation blog announced, with a trailer, that the game has been reworked and will soon be available for new-generation consoles exclusively on PlayStation 4, for the joy of all of those players who didn’t have the chance to experience the life of a president before.

Tropico 5 is a city-builder. While being the president of a small island, your job is to bring your island for being a banana republic to a prosperous tropical paradise. But being El Presidente isn’t always a walk in the park: you will have to deal with the major parties on your island, your population, famine, disasters and international powers to prosper. One wrong move on the international board and your little island could be invaded by a foreign army while ignoring your internal situation could result in riots and people leaving your island or calling for your head to be put on a pike.

Economical development is also important in Tropico 5 as the island strives to survive on its own resources but being a banana republic won’t bring your state very far. As El Presidente progresses through the four eras included in Tropico 5, the island will acquire new technology, buildings and ways to make money and become an economic giant. Players also have to take good care of their citizens, if they wish to be re-elected. Cutting taxes and giving them gifts is always a good idea, but a more “hands-on” approach can be taken by building police stations and prisons and employing the help of the island’s secret services and military.

The game has been remastered to be played on new-gen consoles and the tropical island will be rendered at full 1080p with a steady 30 FPS. PlayStation Blog says Tropico 5 will be compatible with PlayStation Vita and remote play on PlayStation TV. More information about the game as well as a release date were promised and should be released later this month, the blog adds.

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