Windows 10 for phones coming on 1316

If that release date for Windows 10 for phones confuses you, it’s natural, you’re not missing something. Gabe Aul of the Windows Insider Program proposed a riddle for fans of Microsoft. If you can solve it, you will find out exactly when Windows 10 for Phones will be revealed, at least when it comes to the technical preview. He did confirm that the riddle is referring to sometime in February.

If you’re still confused and can’t find the riddle we’re talking about, it’s just 1316, that’s it. Gabriel Aul was being targeted on Twitter with hundreds of requests for him to reveal the release date of Windows 10 for phones. It’s only natural that he couldn’t hold his ground, but Gave found a way to satisfy curiosity and put our minds to work at the same time. Twitter users and mainly everyone who has seen the tweet with the riddle is now theorizing on when Windows 10 for Phones will be unveiled to members of the Windows Insider Program.

Some say that it’s February 13th at 4 PM, others peg Valentine’s Day for the release while another bunch of theorists is sure that the technical preview of Windows 10 for Phones will go live today, based on a minute count. Since our brains haven’t managed to solve the issue and get the confirmation, as Gabe is mum about selecting the correct answer, we’re anxious to find out the truth. The riddle Gabe Aul proposed is quite an interesting approach to all the pestering fans who are too excited to wait for Windows 10 for Phones at this time. At least we know that it’s coming in February!

Many screenshots of Windows 10 for Phones have been leaked in the past few days and people are wondering about Cortana and its improvements, the new user interface in the mobile operating system and the features it will bring to upcoming Microsoft Lumia phones. Acer is going to unveil a bunch of mid-range Windows phones at the MWC, while Qualcomm and Microsoft have announced that Snapdragon 810 flagships will be coming our way this year. This month seems like the month of Microsoft and Windows 10 for Phones, so we’re looking forward to hearing more!