Offworld Trading Company Enters Early Access

Mohawk Games has made their first title, Offworld Trading Company, available as part of the Steam Early Access program. This real-time strategy title challenges players to run a successful private colony on Mars. Lucrative asteroid mining rights have allowed the powerful Syndicate to reign supreme over Terra. As a result, governments around the world have moved to re-establish failed colonies on the red planet almost a century after the start of the Space Race. Successful martian colonies may allow governments to break free from the grasp of Syndicate leaders. This time government interference is kept to a minimum. Only the strongest will survive in this market-based environment. The fight for the future of Terra begins on Mars.

Offworld Trading Company allows players to make their money on the open market as one of four types of colonies. Startup companies are able to grow quickly and expand into new areas, while leaving their competitors in the dust. They are able to claim extra resources and create buildings for half the cost. Robotic factories don’t have to deal with providing food, water and air. These robotic surrogates are able to work faster and harder than any of their breathing counterparts. Prisoners have been used throughout human history to build up newly discovered areas. Mars is no exception. Penal outposts allow prisoners to work off their debts to individuals, companies and society. Commercial interests don’t have to conflict with scientific pursuits, as research facilities allow players to reap the benefits of both. Players are able to produce more from less and recover from some problems faster.

Players would do well to invest into valuable resources instead of worrying about the small things. The market can always supply the necessities., however staying in the black is important. Keeping one’s stock price up will allow players to defend against unfriendly action. These hostile takeovers can take many forms. Players are able to deal damage to competitors directly or by outsourcing it to the black market. Offworld Trading Company challenges players to take over all of their opponents in a variety of singleplayer and multiplayer modes. The game is available on Steam for PC and Mac. It will set fans back $35.99.