Edge Of Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Funding Goal

The crowdfunding campaign for an indie tribute to classic JRPG titles, Edge of Eternity, has reached and exceeded its funding goal. This Kickstarter campaign is being run by Midgar Studio, an indie developer with a few titles under their belt. The team at Midgar Studio was inspired “the great JRPG tradition for the strategical turn-based combats.” They have previously pitched this project to Kickstarter users in 2013, however they were unable to reach their ambitious goals at the time. The team improved the project and presentation and tried again.

Edge of Eternity is set in a peaceful world, Heryon, that has been changed forever. The three realms of Astrya, Junor and Dehostra maintained balance by using the magical powers of the crystals. That changed with the arrival of the mysterious and massive spaceship. It wiped out Junor’s majestic capital and took over the realm. The remaining realms created the Consortium in order to fight this threat. They were able to drive the enemy back until only their besieged spaceship remained. Thirty years have passed since the start of this great war.

The story’s protagonist, Daryon, was a student at Royal Academy of Astrya. He was talented and had a bright future as a Royal Army Officer. However he had trouble controlling his temper. He meets Selen, a shy princess of one of the many nomad clans. She has a unique way of using magic that many will find enjoyable. Selen is able to control magic using her music. They are joined by two companions: Fallon and Eline. Fallon’s life changed when his brother died. He is barely hanging on to his last remaining property – an airship. Eline has suffered a great deal from the deadly Metal Sickness, however she finds the strength to smile. This team of misfits will go on an adventure that will change the world of Heryon forever.

The game will allow players to explore the open world of Heryon and fight a variety of enemies. Edge of Eternity will feature two distinct combat systems: the Active Time Battle (ATB) and the classic turn-based combat. Players will be able to use either one, however they will have to pay attention to their environment. There will be a variety of dynamic events that will be able to influence any given fight. Players will have to keep an eye on the weather and time of day, as they can change the outcome of a battle. This beautiful title is expected to arrive on digital storefronts in December 2016.