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Homeworld Remastered
With this video, gamers are introduces to what they can expect from Homeworld Remastered, and are also given some hint and tips as well.

New Homeworld Remastered Trailer Highlights Gameplay

Gearbox Software, the new owner of the Homeworld IP, has released a new video for the forthcoming revival of the franchise, Homeworld Remastered. Spanning over five minutes, the video goes over the various gameplay mechanics that gamers can expect from the game, as well as what units will be available to them.

Delivered in an immersive fashion, the video introduces specifics on the various types of spacecraft and resource management, and even touches on the Sensors Manager and how you can freely move units in three-dimensional space. A few hints and tips are also provided, including a reminder that the ships players produce while proceeding through Homeworld Remastered’s journey will continue with them across hyperspace until they are destroyed. The video itself has been embedded below.

Homeworld Remastered will feature revamped audio and visuals, including 4K support. It’ll release on PC via Steam on Wednesday, February 25th. Currently, the game is on a special pre-launch promotion, and so its initial price tag has been reduced by 15 percent. This offer will last right up until Tuesday, February 24th, the day before Homeworld Remastered launches.

Not only will gamers receive access to the remakes of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 respectively, but they’ll also receive the classic versions of both games as an added bonus. Access to Homeworld Remastered’s Steam multiplayer Beta will also come included with the game. Further information on the game can be found via its store page on Steam.

Gearbox Software release the first episode of its developer diary series earlier on this month, which discussed the fond Homeworld memories of those affiliated with the franchise had and it influenced and affected them. Homeworld Remastered’s first story trailer was not long released thereafter.

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