Mayan Death Robots Playable at PAX East

Mayan Death Robots developer, Sileni Studios, has announced in a press release today that its 2D artillery game will be playable at this year’s PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts. A player-versus-player game by design, the press release describes Mayan Death Robots as a title that harkens back to similar games such as Scorched Earth. PAX East attendees will be able to have their hands-on experience with the game in the convention’s Indie Megabooth.

In Mayan Death Robots, players choose from “gigantic alien battle robots” from two opposing tribes, and can load up their weapons with different types of ammunition. There are 10 “unique robots with entirely different fighting styles,” according to the game’s official website, which are also customizable. After picking their robot, players then have to aim the trajectory of their fire so that it impacts on an enemy or terrain (sometimes both).

Whilst in the battlefield, players can also transform the landscape with the construction gun in real-time. With this, they can tip the balance of the fight into their hands. That’s not all, though, as they can gather praise from their chosen tribe to summon their god, which can wreak havoc onto the opposing side. However, the god won’t be on the player’s side for long, and they’ll have to team up with their opponent to take it down.

Sileni Studios promises that Mayan Death Robots will release on PC and consoles at some point this summer, but specific information on what specific consoles apply were not detailed in the press release.

The press release also touts that Mayan Death Robots “reinvents the artillery genre.” To win the game, players must try to destroy their opponent’s power core. Each participant will be given a timer in order to play their turn, and they must fire all their available weapons before the countdown finishes. The game has also recently been awarded for Best in Show: Audience Choice during 2014’s Casual Connect Easter Europe conference in Belgrade. Mayan Death Robots is currently in Alpha, and a demo is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.