Mortal Kombat X- Kombat Kast 3 Showdown: Kitana vs. Reptile


NetherRealm Studios held their 3rd Kombat Kast showcasing more of the brutal brawler Mortal Kombat X live on Twitch earlier today. The broadcast this time focused on Kitana and Reptile and displayed both characters various moves from long range attacks to grapples and even bone breaking counters.

Kitana’s MK9 traditional outfits were shown as well as some artwork detailing the characters past, and even some new ideas that NetherRealm had drawn up of her. One of Kitana’s new moves is a tornado spiral that reflects projectiles that are thrown her way. It was also announced that Jade will not be making an appearance in MKX and because Kitana “misses” her friend, she has taken up her skills and move sets which the  player can use.

MKX Kitana
Mortal Kombat 10 Kitana

Reptile art was also shown, and the developers explained why they decided not to use certain costumes like one that included a tail. Reptile’s fatality was shown and it was disturbingly brilliant. He spits acid in the face of his opponent, then with ease as their skin melts, he grabs the opponents skull and splits it in two with his hands. Reptile also will hurt the opponent by simply standing near them because of his acid aura.

Mortal Kombat X Reptile
MKX Reptile

The crossroads stage was also revealed and it was said that it will be a key story location for players. The crossroads practically is a hell based stage where bodies can be ripped from walls and then can be used as projectiles to harm your opponent ala Bruce Wayne’s cars in the Wayne Manor stage in Injustice.

NetherRealm announced that they will be doing more Kombat Kasts up until Mortal Kombat X’s launch date of April 14 when it releases for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC. You can check out the Twitch video below as well as some more artwork of Kitana and Reptile.