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Dying Light comes in a 250.000 £ Special “My Apocalypse” edition Pack

Dying Light surely is one of the most famous games of the last semester but Techland decided to go “all in” with its promotional campaign for the title. In a deal with GAME UK and Tiger Log Cabins, Techland created a last, definitive Special Edition Pack for Dying Light called “My Apocalypse”. The pack, Available to pre-order exclusively from GAME for £250,000, includes 4 Steel-book copies of the game for co-op action, professional parkour lessons, exclusive merchandise and a custom built, zombie apocalypse-proofed house and can only be bought in the UK.

Dying Light revealed a detailed list of the items included in the “My Apocalypse” pack. The pack includes:
·       Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins
·       Zombie avoidance parkour lessons with Ampisound
·       Be The Zombie match with devs
·       Trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland, to meet the dev team
·       Your face skinned onto your Night Hunter character model
·       Dying Light branded night vision goggles + adult diapers for the night portions of the game
·       x4 signed Steelbox editions of Dying Light
·       x2 Top of the line Razer Tiamat headphones
·       Human sized Volatile figurine to use as a deterrent on human raiders

As specified before, Dying Light “My Apocalypse” special edition will only be available in the UK. The house, nicknamed ZFC-1 includes a vantage point, secure areas for survival and a two stories bunker complete with a bathroom, two bedrooms and a living room where the owner can play Dying Light, thanks to the Xbox, Plasma TV and sound system included in the pack. Dying Light “My Apocalypse” Special Edition will be available from February 25.


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