Milkbag Games Has Announced FutureGrind For Sony’s PS4

The two-person team at Milkbag Games has revealed that their latest game, FutureGrind, will be arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console in addition to PCs. It will feature a 3D environment similar to the Trials series with red, blue and white rails. Players will be riding their grinders with red and blue wheels. FutureGrind will challenge players to reach the end of each level without letting the wrong wheel touch the rails. Failing to do so will cause a short circuit that can easily cause a lot of trouble. The real game will start once one reaches the end of the level. FutureGrind will force players to chain their grinds and other trick together in order to succeed. Players will have to balance on top of a rail for a Manual, boost up to the bottom of a rail for an Undergrind or dangle from the top of a rail for a Hanger to build up their multiplier and earn endorsements from The Sponsors. FutureGrind will be arriving on digital storefronts in early 2016.

Milkbag Games is known for their previous title, Disco Zoo. This free-to-play title starts players off with a small collection of animals and asks them to manage a virtual zoo. Players have to rescue additional animals from one of the ten different regions, including Farm, Jungle, Jurassic, Moon and City. Each region includes six animals split into three categories: common, rare and mythical. This tiny title calls on players to rescue and release a variety of animals on their smart devices. Disco Zoo is available on iOS and Android devices.

The PlayStation 4 console has become the default destination for fans of indie games on consoles. This has been attributed to the ease of developing titles for the console and Sony’s progressive policies. The company has made it simpler than ever before to bring a new game to the console. The unreasonable costs and effort required to bring a game to past PlayStation consoles have become a thing of the past. Sony has embraced indie developers and has been rewarded for its efforts. PS4 sales have topped 18.5 million units at the start of the year, and the console’s strong sales are expected to continue.