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Tim Cook showers with the Apple Watch = water-resistant

Apple Watch will be water-resistant, after all

The Apple Watch release date is set for April 2015, just after the hype around the MWC 2015 trade show dies down. One of the big concerns of Apple fans about the upcoming wearable is whether or not it will be a waterproof device. Some fans actually commented that if the Apple Watch wouldn’t be waterproof, they would not be interested in buying it, no matter how much gold it had in its construction. Tim Cook has come clean about battery life and apps, and now it’s time for the Apple CEO to address the waterproof feature.

An insider working closely with Tim Cook reports that the CEO told them that the Apple Watch would be at least shower-proof. According to this mysterious insider, Tim Cook confided with them that he was using his Apple Watch even in the shower, which is sort of confirmation that the watch would be at least water-resistant. As the company hasn’t confirmed this info, we would rather you take it with a grain of salt. If the Apple Watch is water-resistant, that doesn’t mean that it is waterproof, which would be a drawback for the new smart watch.

Even though there is a lot of excitement around Apple’s new wearable device, many are skeptic about how innovative the device will end up being. So far, we’re not seeing very many innovation in the Apple Watch, even though Tim Cook firmly believes that the timepiece will change the way we live our lives. As far as we know, the watch won’t work unless a smartphone is tethered, so there’s not going to be a 3G antenna incorporated, which is yet another drawback of a watch that will inevitably be very expensive.

The Pebble Time was just launched yesterday and fans are already saying that even though the new Pebble watch isn’t that remarkable, it will still provide more for the average wearable enthusiast than the Apple Watch can offer. The Kickstarter campaign of the Pebble Time has already reached its goal in half an hour after its launch and there are already hundreds of thousands of backers of the project who just have to get their hands on the new watch. If one thought the Apple Watch would be the serious competitor of Android Wear this year, it seems like they were wrong.

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