Victor Vran Early Access Roadmap Detailed

Haemimont Games, the developers of the popular Tropico series, have released a detailed roadmap for their latest title, Victor Vran. Victor Vran is an isometric action RPG that features the customizable titular character. It allows players to experience the onslaught of dozens of enemies from all sides and use powerful skills to defeat them. This Early Access title allows players to slay demons alone or together as part of the multiplayer cooperative mode. The roadmap starts off with the current version of the game and details the updates that will lead up to the game’s release. The current version of this game includes a tutorial, fully functional combat, Xbox controller support, four weapon types, 2 game zones and accompanying dungeons, map challenges, cursed hexes, destiny cards, demonic powers, outfits, as well as a placeholder introduction and quests.

The first update 1.01 will introduce a compendium of the game’s monsters, weapons and information about the in-game world. This update will also introduce legendary weapons, the “rarest and most special weapons with custom effects.” Future updates will introduce a cooperative multiplayer component, Steam achievements and a great deal of additional content. The final pre-release update 1.05 will introduce Mac and Linux versions, as well as DirectX 9 support that will allow Victor Vran to run on older graphic cards. The release update, version 2.0, will introduce support for five languages, voices and Steam Cards. Victor Vran is available on Steam Early Access now.

The Steam Early Access program allows the service’s users to experience games that are in a fairly early stage of development. This program has allowed consumers to play some amazing titles, like Kerbal Space Program and Medieval Engineer, long before they would be available otherwise. The former example was made available through Early Access in 2013. Kerbal Space Program has changed radically since the release of its public version in 2011. It started off as a hilarious scientifically-accurate rocket construction and launch simulator. Those mechanics remain today, however they’ve been refined and improved upon. The game has also become far more accessible. Later updates to Kerbal Space Program have introduced a variety of tools that allow players to launch rockets into orbit and deliver payloads to destinations within the fictional planetary system with greater ease. This spaceflight simulation title is expected to exit the Early Access program in 2015.