Digg TV is the new way to procrastinate

Digg, the newly re-branded content curation service has introduced a new feature to their website, namely Digg TV. If you follow procrastinating websites like 9Gag, you’re probably familiar with the new trend of launching video hosting platforms that curate fun content for users. Digg TV is the newest of these services and will definitely take away a slab of your time each day, if you fall for it. You can access Digg TV through the TV Mode button that has been pinned to the site, so it’s definitely easy to get distracted.

Digg TV currently supports only Youtube and Vimeo videos, but the company behind the service promised that more video hosting platforms will be added, depending on demand. They also mentioned that if Digg users would like new features added to the site, they can ask for it and they will do everything in their power to make said feature available to users. Digg TV is still in beta, which means you might encounter a flaw here and there, but overall, it’s a service that might just glue you to the computer screen, so proceed with caution, especially if you’re at work.

Digg TV is now a full-screen, autplaying video service that you can browse randomly or select categories you are interested in, such as arts, music, funny and more. There are actually quite a few categories that you can browse, ranging from serious content like Documentary and Science, to bizarre videos in the Curious and Gross categories. According to Digg, the new service will have added features if users ┬áprove to be interested in them, such as using a phone as a remote control, saving videos from around the web and watching them on Digg TV and integration with streaming hardware like Chromecast. Neat! You can check out Digg TV whenever you like, but we advise you to do so in your free time and when you’ve got time to kill.