WhatsApp Web now works on more browsers

WhatsApp Web is the web application of the popular chatting service that has become the go-to messaging app for many Android and iOS users. Now, the web app’s support has been broadened to include two new browsers, aside from Google’s Chrome browser. WhatsApp Inc have announced today that the web app will be available on both Mozilla Firefox and Opera starting now, so that people can easily use the service without having to install anything.

Web-based applications are having a come-back and are getting more and more popular as people start gaining confidence in the cloud. The demand for web-based applications is also increasing as more and more people start losing fate in physical storage options like USB drives and memory cards, which have turned out to be unreliable in the long run. Until now, if you were a WhatsApp client and wanted to access your account on a desktop PC, you had no other choice but use Chrome. Starting today, you can choose between three of the most popular web browsers to access the service.

WhatsApp hasn’t said anything about further broadening the spectrum of supported browsers, but we are hoping other browsers like Safari will be added. You will still need to follow the standard steps in order to login to your WhatsApp account, which means you need to scan a QR code with┬áthe ┬ámobile application. Still, the addition of support for more browsers suggests that WhatsApp is expanding and it’s not out of the question that in a few weeks we’ll see Safari support added, so that iOS users can also have a way to access their account on the desktop. The login procedure should also change in the future with the web app if iOS users will be included in the spectrum, as iPhones can’t really scan QR codes at the moment.