Crowfall Kickstarter Raises $900,000 in First Week, Beats Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for the anticipated and highly ambitious MMO game Crowfall has reached and surpassed its $800,000 funding goal during its first week since going live. At the time of writing, over 9,600 backers have pledged nearly $940,000 in the space of seven days. While achieving over $100,000 more than what was initially asked, the Kickstarter’s $800,000 goal was beaten in just three days. However, the Kickstarter is far from over, as the campaign still has 24 days to go.

In an update posted on Crowfall’s Kickstarter page, the game’s creative director J. Todd Coleman expressed his gratitude to all those who helped back the campaign. Even though the game’s required funding has been reached and then some, ArtCraft Entertainment – Crowfall’s developer – is still wanting to make its budding game the best MMO experience it can be. Since the campaign will soon be entering its second week, Coleman realizes that most other Kickstarter campaigns tend to slow down around this point in time. In order to keep the momentum perpetuating, the creative director asks that backers (and those interested) help to spread the word about Crowfall.

“We have to keep it going. This is the inflection point: 5 or 6 days in, which most kickstarter campaigns start to slow down. Our goal — your goal — should be to build the strongest community we can. Strong communities are the foundations of strong games,” Coleman wrote in the update post. “Crowfall will never be a mass-market title. Our players aren’t followers. Eagles don’t flock. Our opportunity to grow this community comes down to this: we need to find more eagles. The truth is, we can’t find them. You can. You have the power. Tell the world about Crowfall, and let the vision do the rest.”

Coleman hopes that the extra exposure by fans will help to reach and beat down Crowfall’s stretch goals in just a few days, or maybe even in a few hours. There are currently two stretch goals live at the moment, with more promised to be announced – presumably when the need for them arises. By reaching $1,000,000, ArtCraft Entertainment will promise to implement female centaurs and enhanced special effects. Reaching $1.3 million will promise character mounts and caravan transportation. Crowfall’s developer will also be putting in the effort as well, as it’ll be attending this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. While there, the studio will be engaging in interviews, meetings and design talks about Crowfall.

For those who don’t know, Crowfall is pitched as a game that will “push the design of Massively Multiplayer Online games in bold new directions.” The game’s development is headed by J. Todd Coleman and executive producer Gordon Walton. Both of these two developers have years of games design behind them, and between the two they have worked on titles such as Shadowbane, Wizard101, Ultima Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic Said to feature “political alliances and feudal conquest,” Crowfall is aimed at those who want a more immersive and visceral MMO experience. The game will also utilize Voxel Farm technology, which will allow for a lot of destructive features in the game. Further information on the game can be found via its official forums and Kickstarter page.