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The Siemens grant goes to the Faculty of Engineering

Siemens sponsors WU with $522 million grant for students

Siemens might not be the name on everybody’s tongue right now, but the tech company used to be a giant in the mobile world. In recent years, the company has focused its efforts on other markets, specifically electronic systems, automation systems and industrial technology. The company has announced that it would offer a massive $522 million grant to Western University so that students studying in the Faculty of Engineering can make use of the most recent industrial and consumer technology in their projects.

The new academic partnership between Western University and Siemens resulted in the grant that encompasses a comprehensive portfolio of resources students will be able to work with so that their projects can be as up-to-date and sophisticated as possible. Providing the university with the most high-tech industrial components and software solutions aims to improve the capabilities of students and the resources the institution can make available for learning.

The software-grant from Siemens includes the Siemens PLM Software NX, which is a solution for computer-aided design, manufacture and engineering. With the software, students will be able to design products and systems that can be later used in various industries, such as the automotive industry, aerospace industry, healthcare and electronics. With the grant, Western University students will be able to design their own solutions to autonomous vehicles, home automation systems, wearable devices for the healthcare industry and much more. Siemens will provide the solutions necessary in order to design high-end products that will cater to research programs as well as various institutions.

With the partnership, Siemens not only provides the means to end for students and Western University to learn more about how technology can be used when designing and manufacturing innovative products. The company will also train students so that they may become future Siemens employees who will help design and manufacture solutions for various industries that Siemens supplies components and software for. The new partnership between Siemens and Western University aims to not help the students, but to solidify the relationship between Canadian education institutions and Siemens’ Canadian branch.

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