SHOUTcraft Clan Wars Returning for Season 2

TotalBiscuit announced a few weeks ago on his twitter account that Clan Wars, a Starcraft 2 series consisting of individual clan matches, would be returning in April for a second season. After the first season was cut short unexpectedly, most likely due to the unfortunate health issues that TotalBiscuit has been dealing with, many fans of the series were anticipating the return of Shoutcraft Clan Wars. We can now rest easy knowing that, beginning April 8th, the series will return, and with an impressive roster to boot. In the time following the announcement, more and more teams have been added to the roster and the event is looking very promising indeed.

The second season of SHOUTcraft Clan Wars features 12 teams, including TotalBiscuit’s own Axiom eSports, MVP, Evil Geniuses, and StarTale. We can look forward to 1v1, 2v2, and matches featuring the Legacy of the Void mod. While not much information has been released other than that, you can keep an eye on the official wiki page as well as the official thread, where you can discuss your predictions and have other fans justify your excitement for SHOUTcraft Clan Wars Season 2. In the meantime, if you’re hungry for more SHOUTcraft, or missed the original series, this playlist should catch you up on the matches from the previous season.

Anyone else immensely looking forward to this season of SHOUTcraft? Which other teams would you like to see added to the roster?